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Surfy's Home Curing Supplies, Bacon and Ham Cures, Sausage Seasonings & Prague Powder #1 + #2

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Here at Surfy's we design, blend and test virtually all of our seasonings and cures ourselves.

Our own-brand sausage seasonings contain only the best herbs and spices we can find, no carrier oils, artificial colours or flavours, flavour enhancers, sulphites or preservatives. We even dry some herbs and spices ourselves in our own desiccators to ensure that they are the best we can get. Plus, virtually all of them are Gluten Free!!

Our ham & bacon cures and nitrite curing salt are pre-mixed to precise standards so you can safely make your own ham and bacon at home. Once you've made your own you'll never buy that processed, pumped up and watery supermarket stuff ever again.

We have speciality cure mixes for Salt Beef, Italian style Prosciutto, Lonzino al Finocchio and more.

We are now selling Prague Powder Number One and Two (Cure #1 and Cure #2) at what we think are the lowest prices in the UK. If you find it in stock and cheaper anywhere else then let us know.


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