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Salami Casing, Fibrous No. 4 - (10 pack) - Surfy's Home Curing Supplies

Salami Casing, Fibrous No. 4 - (10 pack)

  • £6.49

These clear Fibrous Securex® HP-L, size 4 casings make 4 pound sticks. 
This type of casing is ideal for salami production.

Supplied clipped and tied these casings are 50cm long with a stuffed diameter of 75-84mm. Sold in quantities of 10.

Securex®HP is the Teepak trademark used to describe product that is used for the production of cooked, smoked and dried sausage, where strong meat adhesion is required to ensure that the casing shrinks with the sausage during ripening and curing cycles. 

HP-L stands for High Precision , low adhesion, reflecting the innovative and patented technology which controls the level of inner adhesion with absolute consistency along the entire surface. Ideal for applications in which maximum peelability is to be combined with an exactly predictable but lower degree of adhesion. 

Prior to using the casing it must be soaked in warm water (30 to 40°C) for a minimum of 30 minutes to activate its properties. 

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