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Black Pudding Casings - 12 pack - Surfy's Home Curing Supplies

Black Pudding Casings - 12 pack

  • £5.95

This 3lb black pudding, high quality, strong, five layer construction Multibar Extra casing gives a consistent diameter product and offers the following benefits.

Maintained product weight/shape due to minimum moisture loss while its high oxygen barrier extends the products shelf life. The casing is supplied clipped and looped to provide a hanger to cook the product ensuring its shape is retained. During cooking the casing is designed to shrink giving the final product a smooth, shiny wrinkle free, taut surface ensuring the highest quality product display and ease of handling and slicing.

The lay flat is 110mm or 4.3 inches. Once filled the diameter is 70mm or 2.75 inches and length is 50cm or 19.7 inches.

Supplied in packs of 12, this casing is suitable for a temperate range from -40°C+110°C and has a burst pressure of 20 kPA.

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