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1.2l (400g) Whisky Oak Wood Dust - For Cold Smoking

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1.2l (400g) Whisky Oak Wood Dust - For Cold Smoking

This fine Whisky oak wood dust is specially designed for our Cold Smoke Inserts for the Stainless Steel Smoking Box. It is also suitable for other cold smoke generators such as the Pro-Q.


Made from ultra-fine wood dust from Whisky Oak Barrels

The ultra-fine dust provides excellent smouldering properties, giving a superior burn quality with virtually no heat and almost ZERO chance of the dust going out mid-smoke, whilst giving excellent smoked flavour to the food.

Free from pesticides or any other undesirable impurities.

The dust is easy to use and produces an intense flavour, making it the perfect choice for adding smoked flavour to your food.


1.2 litres - Approximately 400g

Whiskey Oak

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