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Gluten Free Haggis Mix + Casings - Surfy's Home Curing Supplies

Gluten Free Haggis Making Kit + Casings

  • £10.95

Gluten Free Haggis Making Kit + Casings

The Gluten Free version of our Complete Haggis Mix contains, Soya Flour and Rice Flour (instead of the oatmeal) plus the traditional onions and spices to make the perfect haggis. Just add meat, suet and stock/water.

1KG of Gluten Free Haggis Mix plus 8 x Nalo® cellulose artificial Haggis bungs included. These are 25cm long and have a diameter of 5.5cm. Once soaked in warm water these casings will expand and be ready to use.

With this kit and the recipe provided you will make 8 x 1lb Haggis.

Full recipe and instructions provided.


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