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Cold Smoke Generator, Portable Molecular Cuisine Smoking Gun.

  • £24.95

As seen on TV: Present your food like a pro. Using real wood chips, this handheld infusion smoker produces cold smoke for your food such as: meat, vegetables, cheese, cocktails, salmon, drinks without changing their texture or temperatures.

Smoking Gun: The smoking gun quickly makes smoking with various types of wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried flowers. It takes only a few minutes to add cold smoke flavour and aroma finish to food or drinks .

Portable Cold Smoker : Designed with a lightweight, yet heavy-duty metal body. Small enough to store anywhere - or grab it and go !

Practical & Portable: Portable smokers have much smaller dimensions than other traditional smokers, are compact, durable and space-saving. It is easy to do barbecue and picnic outdoors. You can enjoy your favourite food anywhere.

Easy to Use : It is very easy to operate this smoking gun. 2*AA batteries (not included) are required. Then put the wood dust in the smoking box, switch it on and light with a match or lighter. 

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