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Thinking about a Christmas Ham now...

Posted by Paul Le Surf on

I woke up this morning and suddenly realised that now would be a good time to start thinking about curing some ham for Christmas. Actually I would normally have started curing one already, after all a whole leg can take around 4 weeks to cure and possibly a bit more if it's to mature a bit before cooking.

With all the stuff that's going on around here at the moment, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do a "bone in" leg any time soon. I want to order one from a good producer and not just use a supermarket offering (not that you can find pork leg on the bone very easily anyway).

So, how are we going to get it cured in time if we've left it too late? There's two options: taking the bone out and curing the leg flat then rolling it back up before cooking OR using a brine injector like we've just started stocking HERE:

I want to to it on the bone this year as I've not done one like that for a few years, so injector it is then!

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