20/22 Sheep Casings x 1 Hank (95 Yards) - Spooled



Qty: 1x Hank




20/22 Sheep Casings x 1 Hank (95 Yards) - Spooled

Our sheep casings will produce a high quality traditional sausage, which is stronger in filling out but tender on the palate.

This sheep casing will produce a sausage approximately 20 to 22 mm in width and a total yield weight of 40-45 lbs and length of 95 yards or 86m approximately.

The casings are packed in salt in a vacuum bag, supplied as spooled hanks on a plastic tube eliminating the need to sort and untangle the casing helping reduce handling and loading time.

We recommend they should be soaked in fresh water for a minimum of 2 hours but ideally overnight for optimum performance.

These are the highest quality Grade A casings originating from fully traceable Norwegian or British sheep.


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