Traditional Bacon and Ham Dry Cure Mix



Size: 500g



Traditional Bacon and Ham Dry Cure Mix

This premixed and ready to use general purpose dry cure can be used to cure any meat to make a traditional Juniper scented bacon or ham type product.

As well as Pork Hams and Bacon, why not try : Lamb Ham, Turkey Ham, Brisket Bacon, Cured Duck Breasts.

Completely safe with ANY meat if used as directed at the usage rate specified.

Full instructions and recipe ideas supplied or download HERE

Available in 500g, 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg sizes

  • 500g makes 14.9kg of ham or bacon
  • 1.25kg makes 37.3kg of ham or bacon
  • 2.5kg makes 74.6kg of ham or bacon
  • 5kg makes 149.2kg of ham or bacon

Usage rate: 33.5g of mix per Kilo of meat.



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