Pre-mixed General Purpose Curing Salt (For Cooked Products)



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Pre-mixed General Purpose Curing Salt (For Cooked Products)

This general purpose cure is a safe and easy to use cure for hams and bacon or any product that requires cooking before consumption.

Simply replace the salt and cure quantity in any recipe with our pre-mixed salt.

Contains kosher sea salt (99.4%) and Sodium Nitrite (0.6%) in the correct ratio for safe and effective curing.

Full instructions and recipe ideas supplied or download HERE

Available in 1.25KG, 2.5KG and 5KG quantities.




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CUSTOMER REVIEW I tried a bag of this having long wanted to have a go at curing meat. Really pleased with the result, my husband loved it and craves more. So a further order going in. Do have a go it's a lot easier than you may think. This pack saves worrying about the ratio of pink salt to normal salt as well. - Alison Lodge

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